Sunday, 3 November 2013

Short report: Meeting with Povodí Odry Enterprises management officers

On Thursday, 31st of October 2013,
we participate on meeting with Povodí Odry Enterprises management officers. We presented results and conclusions of our research. Main aim of presented results were introduce to processes, function and development of the river channels of the Czech part of the Western Carpathian in view of problematic of fluvial geomorphology. After, we established dialog about this problematics. Subject of dialog was oriented especially to the Morávka River, Vyšní Lhoty weir, Skalická Morávka natural monument and its protection. Main aim of discussion was directed to local channel widening in the Morávka River channel and its problematic in view of erosion processes and sediment budget and supply.

Link to the Povodí Odry Enterprises here.