Wednesday, 24 July 2013

We started the monitoring of the Bečva River channel processes

Bečva R. is an originally anabranching gravel-bed stream drains the Czech part of the Flysh Carpathian Mts. as a left tributary of the Morava R. The Bečva R. begins by confluence of two source streams, the northern Rožnovská Bečva R. and the southern Vsetínská Bečva R. The drainage area is 1620 km2. The mean annual discharge of the river reaches up to 17.3 m3 s-1 at the Dluhonice gauging station, where the basin area is 1592 km2 (data source: Czech Hydrometeorological Institute).
Fig. 1: Localization of the Bečva R. basin in the Czech Republic (source: link).

Fig. 2: Bečva R. reach in the locality of Černotín.

We started with monitoring of the Bečva R. channel. First part of research is connected with use of geodetic survey, grain-size analysis and modeling of sediment transport. Main aim of our research is focused on evaluation of transport parameters of selected channel reaches. The set includes single-thread, channelized and incision affected reaches, compared with anabranching renaturated reaches (they were renaturated by flood event in year 1997). Other aim of this research is a sedimentary budget of the channel segment from the point of view of transport parameters.

Fig. 3: Terrain works in the Bečva R. basin