Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Prof. Wyżga, Dr. Ruiz-Villanueva and Dr. Plesiński visited us

Bartlomiej Wyżga (Polish Academy of Sciences), Virginia Ruiz-Villanueva (University of Bern) and Karol Plesiński (Agrocultural university of Krakow) visited our department and some field locations in order to discuss possibilities of any further collaboration and to start some field measurements. Václav Škarpich presented an incised part of the Morávka River to our Polish colleagues and together they started to evaluate the role of large boulders on flow hydraulics and erosional processes in the channel. A pilot measurement of cross-sectional geometry and flow velocity were done during low water stage, but also under low water temperature conditions. 

Karol Plesinski a Bartlomiej Wyzga during flow velocity measurements

At the same time, Tomáš Galia, Radek Tichavský and Karel Šilhán showed to Virginia high-gradient tributaries of the Mazák Stream and the Velký potok Stream, when they focused especially on the woody debris in the view of their transport dynamics and influence on channel processes. Next sunny day, large woody debris were inspected on the meandering Odra River and the gravel bed Bečva River.  

Karel Šilhán, Virginia Ruiz-Villanueva and Tomáš Galia discussing in the Mazák Stream

We all together visited some additional interesting locations during the third day (the high-gradient Bučací Stream, grade-control structures in the Mohelnice River, and the Morávka local channel widening).  We found a lot of interesting topics of the joint research in the friendly atmosphere and we also sincerely hope, that most of them will be realized during next years.  
Collective photo from the Bučací Stream