Sunday, 11 May 2014

Meeting about local channel widening of the Morávka River (at the 10.7 r. km)

On Tuesday, 8th of April 2014 was realized meeting about local channel widening of the Morávka River at the 10.7 r. km.

Participating institutions:
  • Povodí Odry Entertainment, State-owned Company (link in Czech),
  • Forests of the Czech Republic, State-owned Company (link in Czech),
  • PLA Administration Beskydy (link),
  • Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic (link),
  • section of fluvial geomorphology (Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology, University of Ostrava) (link in Czech).

This integration meeting provided valuable insight into solving of problematic local channel widening and incision affected Skalická Morávka Nature Monument. At the meeting, members of above mentioned institutions presented information about necessary tools which help to preserve the local channel widening and Skalická Morávka Nature Monument. Main aim was oriented to sediment budget and sediment sources in the Morávka River basin. Delegates of the Povodí Odry Entertainment (State-owned Company) and Forests of the Czech Republic (State-owned Company) promise that they will supply sediment from the upper parts of the Morávka River basin to the local channel widening.


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