Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Outputs from the START project were presented

26th of May, 2016

Workshop entitled Quantification of morphological changes in river channels and its impact on flood risk was realized.
Rivers are dynamic systems, where changes in their morphology can affect all kinds of flooding and play a crucial role in a flood risk. The main historical changes were caused by increasing urbanization in the river landscape and direct human interventions. As results, the alteration in the shape of the channel, longitudinal profile, land use and placement of structures into the channel and floodplain took place. The interventions affected hydrological response of catchments, particularly in the forms of accelerated flow velocities, erosion, and interrupted periodical inundation.

Main objectives that have been presented were connected with the issues of quantification of morphological changes in river channels and their impact on a flood risk. The research was conducted in two Carpathian rivers situated in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (the Bečva River and the Topl'a River). This workshop summarized results from the research, when it was designed to help improve the integrated river basin management. Obtained results will help to find the strategy to mitigate the flood risk in studied areas.

Part-financed by the European Union.

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