Thursday, 23 June 2016

Workshop “Methods of detailed analysis in fluvial geomorphology” was realized

21st – 22nd of June, 2016

Dr. Václav Škarpich (member of Czech-Rivers group of the fluvial section of the Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology, University of Ostrava)
Dr. Jan Blöthe (University of Bonn)
Dr. Veronika Kapustová (University of Ostrava)

Many aspects of fluvial processes and morphology may be measured to help to assess conditions of rivers. Modern research methods in fluvial geomorphology provide an integrated approach to the guidance for researchers to answer questions on river behaviour. The workshop “Methods of detailed analysis in fluvial geomorphology” was addressed to those students and young researchers who are dealing with river systems and hydrology. General aim of the workshop was a demonstration of modern methods and their application in fluvial-geomorphic research. The workshop was focused on practical presentation of basic methods for data collection in the field and subsequent analysis of obtained data, e.g., using BAGS (Bedload Assessment for Gravel-Bed Streams) software or Sedimetrics Digital Gravelometer. We showed how to obtain high-resolution remote sensing data using UAV technology and how to digitally reconstruct terrain and objects using Structure from Motion technique. One of the lecturers was Dr. Jan Blöthe from the University of Bonn, staying at our Department via Erasmus+ teaching mobility.

Photo of the Bečva R. channel obtained by UAV technology

Photo of the Bečva R. channel obtained by UAV technology

Dr. Jan Blöthe and students are operating UAV technology

Measuring of flow velocities by students

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