Monday, 12 November 2018

Field excursion about river restoration projects in Upper and Lower Austria

The field excursion trip took place for students of our Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology from 5 to 8th September 2018. The main idea was showing river restoration projects in Lower and Upper Austria, namely on the Danube River and its tributaries, e.g. on the Traun River or the Ybbs River.
On Tuesday 6th of September, the first day of field excursion trip was focused on river restoration projects in urban area of Linz City. Especially, on the restoration of gravel bars on the left-side bank of the Danube River and future vision of river restoration of Danube River, e.g. creating of islands and side-channels in Urfahr District.
The second day of excursion was focused on the river restoration projects in downstream part of the Ybbs River. We visited reaches between Greinsfurth and Winklarn villages where river restoration were realized, e.g. fishpass through Greinsfurth hydropower dam (or weir), distributary of the Ybbs River near Winklarn for increasing of biodiversity and heterogeneity of channel, or restoration of mouth of the Ybbs River to the Danube River.
The third day, we visited hydropower dam in Melk with lock chamber for river navigation on the Danube River. The last stop was close-to-natural fishpass through hydropower dam in Melk.

Restored gravel bars on the left-side bank of the Danube River in Linz.

Fishpass through Greinsfurth hydropower dam.

Greinsfurth hydropower dam.

Presentation of river restoration of distributary near Winklarn.

Crossing through the restored reach Ybbs River near Winklarn.

On the hydropower dam in Melk.

Field Excursion was supported by Moravian-Silesian Region  

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